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Hire SEO Consultant From Chicago

Every business with a website aspires to rank first on Google and Bing, but this is only possible with a solid strategy. Ensuring you’re doing everything possible to optimize your website for search engines is crucial. This is where a Chicago SEO consultant agency like Ideaseat can help.

Ideaseat, the leading Chicago SEO consultant, helps clients’ websites rank high and generate leads. In addition, generate more sales at local and global levels from the website. 

Our SEO experts focus on more than just Google optimization for your website. Because we know that customers find you online and use that to purchase from you while working together, we’ll make sure that the relevant keywords and phrases are targeted by our SEO services, resulting in an effective on-page optimization plan.

Why is SEO so crucial?

In the SEO algorithm, many changes have been made. It is said that Google updates its search algorithm around 500 – 600 times a year. Things that have yet to change, Firstly, most of these improvements are minor and frequently need to be noticed by users and SEO. Secondly, your search engine ranking positions directly correlate with your organic traffic.

Unending traffic will come your way if you have a profusion of keywords in the Google index, which appear at the top or very top of the search results.

In contrast, you should expect to receive little to no organic search traffic if your website is excellent but has no exposure to the SERPs.

Therefore, SEO is crucial to rank higher, increase traffic, and produce leads.

“A good SEO professional not only understands the searcher but the competitive landscape as well.”

–Ryan Jones(Razorfish)

How Chicago Seo consultant Helps Client’s Google Ranking

Using these 5 SEO strategies, our Chicago seo consultants raise clients’ search engine ranks and increase organic website traffic. Similarly, you can use these tactics to rank on top of search results.

1. Build Solid Foundation

Even the most effective SEO initiatives can fail because of poor website architecture and structure.

Your website’s rankings will improve if it is easy for users and Google to crawl.

However, even today, paying attention to the fundamentals will put you ahead of many rivals. 

2. Provide A Top-Notch Page Experience

Page experience is “a set of signals that measures how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value, both on mobile and desktop devices.”

Core Web Vitals

You need to maintain an eye on the speed, whether for a desktop or mobile site and continually make improvements. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) are three such metrics.

Data Size

Use your preferred picture editing program to determine file size. And to maintain your live webpage’s tidy, organized appearance, always verify that the image’s dimensions fit inside the designated image space.

Caching in Browsers

A web browser loads several resources when it loads a page. Ensure these resource files are kept locally on users’ PCs through browser caching.

Script Management

Ensure you need those additional augmentations before loading a ton of JS and CSS files because doing so will slow down your website.

Additionally, if combining many scripts into a single file is possible, do so. Likewise, loading all the scripts will require one fetching request to the server.

Mobile Friendly

Your website must pass the Mobile-Friendly Test due to the evolution of search and the mobile-first index.

Moreover, the search engine giant claims that the content of a page’s desktop version has traditionally been utilized by Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems. 

3. Make Your Pages Google-Friendly

You must provide compelling content that will hold readers’ attention long enough for them to read the article through to the end.

However, some of the finest tactics we use to make content Google-friendly are as follows:

Inform Google About the Content of Pages

Add structured data to the client’s site to do this. Google will then be able to understand the subject matter of your material easily.

Google favours as a format because schema types contain authors, companies, products, and recipes.

Shorten the titles you use

Extra-long titles will lessen the SEO impact of your keywords and alienate readers because they can only read part of the article quickly.

Keep the length of titles between 135 and 159 characters to adequately meet the SERP length. 

Create Original Meta Descriptions & Titles

Although titles and meta descriptions don’t directly affect a website’s position, they are important in demonstrating content’s value from the SERP. They can raise click-through rates and traffic if done correctly.

Therefore, draft original titles with a short, catchy description that includes the intended keyword.

4. Focus On Search Intent

Hummingbirds served as the foundation for the development of modern search, which Rankbrain and BERT later strengthened.

The following four users or search intent categories are typical:

Navigational – Searching for a particular website using navigation.

Informational – a look for information.

Commercial – looking for information (like reviews) to help one decide what to buy.

Transactional: a search for a place to buy (to make a purchase).

5. Enhance internal linking

You must carefully consider where to post the links on your website and ensure they function properly. Here are a few tips to improve your link-building skills.

Link Structure

Your website’s page depth shouldn’t exceed three clicks—this is an efficiency tip commonly overlooked. Your finest pages will appear at the top of the hierarchy.

Link Correction & Duplication

Because they are unaware of their broken links’ negative effects on users, some website owners tend to ignore them.

Moreover, you can quickly identify the 404 problems on your site and rectify them by doing a crawl.

Why Partner With Chicago SEO Consultant

Success at Google depends on SEO. You can improve your search engine rating with the aid of our SEO professionals.

ROI Oriented

We strive to improve your ROI. We make a lot of effort to raise your company’s profit so that Google searches generate more revenue for you.

Assigned committed project manager for SEO

You can be sure that a dedicated account manager will respond to your questions and keep you informed of the project’s status.

Team Transparent SEO

We keep everything about our packages and the SEO procedure completely transparent. You’ll always be kept informed, and there are no hidden fees.

You are its owner.

You have total authority over your SEO effort. And on all assets associated with our website’s search engine optimization work.

Experiential SEO Consultants

With the help of our Chicago SEO consultant, we have a staff of experienced SEO consultants passionate about assisting businesses in achieving their online marketing objectives.

Benefits Of Working With A Chicago SEO Consultant Agency

Our committed team of SEO specialists, who are committed to fostering long-term growth for your organization, will ensure the success of your venture. Here are some benefits; check it out!

Higher Traffic

A website gets greater attention and earns a considerable number of clicks and impressions when it ranks on the first page of the SERP results. All of this leads to an increase in website traffic from search engines.

Increased Close Rates

You can attain a close rate of about 14.6% with SEO leads. On the other hand, only 1.7% of outbound leads close. As a result, a buyer who stumbles into a website by accident is already looking for a product or service, making him an already qualified lead.


Despite the many marketing and sales techniques, SEO is still one of the most economical ways to broaden local and worldwide reach, raise brand awareness, and boost profits.

Brand development

We don’t just try to boost your ranking in search results. Additionally, with the aid of SEO, our goal is to strengthen your brand. And we will go above and beyond for visibility on Google SERPs and top search engine rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an SEO agency important?

The SEO agency is ideal for monitoring algorithm trends and implementing necessary modifications. It’s simpler for skilled specialists to decide whether you need to change your website or content strategy because they thoroughly understand the algorithm.

Is hiring an SEO professional worth it?

If you are not professional and continue wasting time on doing SEO, your rivals will have an advantage. Therefore, you must spend money on employing an SEO consultant or an agency that wants to keep up with your competitors.

Why do You Need an Expert SEO Agency Like Ideaseat?

By making your website SEO-friendly and sending you frequent SEO reports that track your website’s development, Ideaseat helps your website rank higher. For years, we’ve assisted 100+ businesses in getting top ranks on search results pages. Some of our happy clients are Xranm, Britegums, Boswell & Associates and many more.


The primary goal of every website is to rank highly in search engine results. A Chicago SEO consultant can assist you in improving your ranking and increasing traffic. When you work with an agency, you have access to a team of SEO specialists who use their knowledge and abilities to improve your website’s search engine exposure.

Want to boost your website traffic and be on top of search results?

IdeaSeat is the best choice; feel free to contact us.